Cor Dekker passed away on September 21, 2010.

Cor joined Boole & Babbage in 1986 as Technical Manager Benelux coming from an Operations Manager function in a large IBM mainframe IT environment. In 1991 Cor turned into a sales function in which he became extremely successful.

Cor had a very special talent. Upon meeting people he had a way of looking the other person right in the eyes in such a way that one immediately understood that this was a very reliable and trustworthy person. This talent has paid him off tremendously in his performance in his sales activities. In going into a customer meeting with Cor one could feel this gift immediately in the customer's reaction. Together with his humor and his technical talent and knowledge Cor was a very well received guest at all levels in customer organizations. But Cor was also a friend. In his private life he would always help any friend in trouble.

In his business life Cor had friends around the globe. From Japan through Israel, all around Europe and throughout the US. Everybody felt his friendship and in return they all helped him with every question, whether it be technical or organizational support. He was highly regarded and people were always happy to be in contact with him.

After the Boole & Babbage era Cor decided that he had enough of the sales related activities and he went back in a technical function in the IT organization of the Dutch Ministry of Defense. In that function Cor was responsible for the availibility of the IT operations managing a department of about 600 people.

Cor passed away much too early with his 60 years. He left three children who will miss him as a good father.