This is the tribute web for Boole&Babbage Inc. (B&B).

B&B was founded in 1967 by Ken Kolence and David Katch.
Ken is the acknowledged inventor of software sampling monitors.
Until its take-over by BMC Software in 1999, B&B was one of the leading software companies in the world.

Boole & Babbage was a unique company.  It emerged in the 60's revolution.
It was staffed by some of the nicest people the world will ever know.

B&B people were a magic bunch that, somehow, fate brought together for almost 33 years in time.  There was a certain 'mood' and 'feeling'  about B&B that was infectious.  Though some people came and went (and some came back), the spirit of B&B was enduring - right up to the end.  There was 'that something' that permeated B&B, and which is rarely seen in other companies.

That 'something' was the people themselves - and their managers, VPs and Presidents - who worked together in honest endeavour, in an environment that encouraged self expression and achievement.  While there was work, there was also fun in which people joined with a genuine care and interest in their fellow workers, and their families.

To all former employees of Boole&Babbage - the world over - success in what you do.

We think of former colleagues who, sadly, are no longer with us.