Ian Patrick Whyte died on the 14th of October 2010 at the age of 55 years due to a heart failure.

When I met Ian for the first time he just started in 1984 with the newly formed division “The Institute for Software Engineering” which Boole & Babbage just acquired from the ex-founder of Boole & Babbage Ken Kolence.

Ian was an independent person. At the age of just 17 years, he left for Mexico to study for the priesthood, only telling his family when he was about to leave.

Ian received his degree at the Gregorian University in Rome. He spent nine years with the order, living in Mexico, and Italy, Spain and some other countries. Then he decided to leave the order.

I hired Ian as my assistant one year after he joined the Institute because he was a fantastic person and had a gift for languages, being able to speak six.

Ian moved from Brussels to Düsseldorf (Germany) with me. He was a great person dealing with lawyers & notaries, distributors and organizing kickoffs, etc. That was what he liked most, he was a very detailed person.

Every quarter we went to the Hague where we spent days and nights chasing the contracts all over Europe. Ian was checking the local language contracts (because of his language skills), the Term & Conditions and Pricing, discounts etc.

When I was asked by Pitch Johnson (then Chairman of B&B) to come to the USA in the late eighties, Ian did not hesitate to join me and he followed me later back to Europe again.

Ian hated sports at school and in his later life but he did like a beer from time to time.

Ian did not like an eight-hour working day; he came in early and he left as one of the last persons in the company, locking the office door behind him.

Ian was a very generous person when he was younger, helping a summer holiday home for poor Dublin boys and later in his life assisted the poor through a charitable organization called the St. Vincent De Paul.

In his career he achieved important positions in the company and after B&B was sold to BMC he was able to retire after only 15 years work done for B&B around the age of 45. He was the youngest retiree in the Company.

He passed away too early, I (we) will miss him dearly.

Johannes (Han) Bruggeling