Our Dear Departed Friends:
Alloco, TonyNE SalesBBNARemembered
Bayers , GeoffJun, 2002UnknownMAXMRemembered
Brown, JackUnknownVP Marketing, SunnyvaleBBNARemembered
Cochran, Peter10/15/2007DeveloperBBNARemembered
Curl, Joanne10/20/2012Sr. Contracts Admin ClerkBBNARemembered
Dekker, Cor09/21/2010Cor joined Boole & Babbage in 1986 as Technical Manager Benelux. In 1991 Cor turned into a sales function in which he became extremely successful.BBERemembered
Dickinson,RogerSep 2001Founder and First chairman of TESC, 1978-1981TESCRemembered
Ernst, RolfOct 21, 2011EngineerBBNARemembered
Espana, GuillermoJune 26, 2006Director, Intl OperationsBBIRemembered
Fiedler, BillJan 8, 1999Operations-Facilities ManagerBBNARemembered
Finnegan, John A (Tony)Mar 6, 2005Dublin Operations - BBE & TESC,General Manager UK/Sunnyvale Customer SupportBBERemembered
Forti, LuigiUnknownItaly - SSEBBERemembered
Goeke, Bill7/13/2012ManagerBBNARemembered
Hanks, HarryMay 22, 2016VP of Boole & Babbage Computer Services (formerly Mission) BBNARemembered
Hartless, Darline03/ 28/2009Shipping/Receiving and Print ShopBBNARemembered
Heller, ElsaUnknownHan Bruggeling's secretary, Germany - The 'Company Mother' of TESCTESCRemembered
Hobbs, DougFeb 5, 2005AO Level 1 Engineer/MQ MarketingBBNARemembered
Holtzman, LynnJune 2001CICS Manager Developer - SunnyvaleBBNARemembered
Hull, OwenSunnyvale, IMF Developer/SupportBBNARemembered
Johnsen, JoySuccumbed to lung cancer, Joy was at Boole during the 1970's and the 1980's. She was the Purchasing and Facility manager.BBNARemembered
Katch, DavidUnknownCo-founder of Boole & BabbageBBNARemembered
King, Kurt2002Herndon MarketingBBNARemembered
Kirkpatrick, Terry01/07/ 2010EngineerBBNARemembered
Kline, Allan1995Engineer - Worked on CICS Manager and Mainview Focal Point. died in TurkeyBBNARemembered
Kolence, Ken07/30/2011Founder of B&BSunnyvale, CaRemembered
Mahannah, Loren RossUnknownEngineerBBNARemembered
McGrath, KevinNov 25, 2003Software manufacturingBBNARemembered
Mekkelson, AmyMarketing, SunnyvaleBBNARemembered
Miranda, Ignacio2002Accounting DepartmentBBNARemembered
Murphy, JoeSpring 1997Engineer, worked on CICS ManagerBBNARemembered
Norcott, BillUnknownSSE in Herndon/McClean, Va.BBNARemembered
Pushkin, DaveMail roomBBNARemembered
Rai, DaulatApril 20, 2017Engineer on Alternate Access, AO and BBI-3 technologyBBNARemembered
Rhodes, JenniferUnknownTech WriterBBNARemembered
Rice, ChuckApril 16, 2015EngineerBBNARemembered
Romero del Hombrebueno, CandidoOct 31, 2003Spain, Sales Mgr. BBERemembered
Roy, ChrisJun 17, 2005SSEBBNARemembered
Saint-Leger, JBUnknownManager, Tech WritingBBNARemembered
Sas, GabyNov 25, 2003Level 3 Enginerr on CMF, MV OS390, and MV Sysprog Services (Resolve) BBNARemembered
Scrutchin, Laura TackettOct 13, 2002BBI3 EngineerBBNARemembered
Sievers, MarkSept 2, 2000Sunnyvale, Engineer - Son of Jim SieversBBNARemembered
Skelton, Dorothy1984Personal assistant to JVK and other VPs. 12 years with B&B, started when the company had 4 employees.BBNARemembered
Tranter, TimApril 26, 2011EngineerBBNARemembered
Veon, FranJan 24, 2005Technical WriterBBNARemembered
Whyte, Ian 10/14/2010VP Business DevelopmentBBERemembered
Wrzesien, Karl7/16/2013Data Center Systems ProgrammerHQ Data CenterRemembered
Yontz, JeffUnknownMarketingBBNARemembered
Young, Martha07/09/2004Purchasing Agent, Accounts Payable, Contracts and ReceptionistBBNARemembered
Yuzurihara, Satoru2002Technician JSTRemembered